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I was born and raised in a suburb just south of St.Louis, Missouri. Growing up, it was all thing sports and being the only boy in the family meant that playing dress up, taking dance, and messing around with my mom's makeup had to be strictly, at-home activities. However many sports my parents put me in ( And trust me, there were a lot) two things I couldn't quite shake were our VHS tape of The Wizard of Oz  starring, none other than, Judy Garland and my older sister's old Tinkerbell dress.
My very obvious favorites plus my tendency to try new dance moves, tricks, and flips on our concrete driveway led my parents to finally allow me to pursue my passions for performing, in a safer and more controlled environment. At STAGES St.Louis, I fell in love with the storytelling, discipline, human connection, and community that theatre offers; it was then I knew I would never give it up.
Indiana University - Bloomington and their fabulous BFA Musical Theatre program came to me as a hope and a dream; having had transferred in after my first year at another University and during a Global Pandemic, it was nothing if not a challenge. However the challenge and its rewards were well worth all of the hard days, crying-phone calls to home, and perseverance. Now a proud graduate of Indiana University with my BFA in Musical Theatre.
My time at Indiana University helped transform my talents as a creative artist, but more importantly an upstanding human being. Between my family, friends, teachers, and mentors, I have received nothing but the utmost love, wisdom, and guidance. I am eternally grateful to all those who have guided and supported my pursuit of the arts and ecstatic to continue following my joy and passions!!


-Luke Swaller

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